• Packet Tracer For Young Beginning Admins

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ISBN 978-83-65645-78-4
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The book: "PACKET TRACER FOR YOUNG BEGINNING ADMINS" provides advice for people who want to learn about the operation of networks and the hardware that makes up today's network architecture. Beginners will learn how to download the simulator software and how to start working with it.The reader will find here the basics of configuring network devices. He will learn network services such as: TELNET, SSH, FTP, EMAIL, DHCP, DNS and routing protocols RIP, EIGRP, OSPF. Learn how to design and deploy virtual VLAN networks. The authors, describing the issues of administering computer networks, use many examples and exercises.The book is an updated compilation of our Packet Tracer publications for CISCO courses, has a described, changed interface of the currently latest Packet Tracer software and contains a set of new examples and exercises.The authors of this book are an intergenerational and interdisciplinary team. A talented student of the School of Communication in Gdańsk, Damian Strojek. His passion is computer networks, he has a set of CCNA R&S certificates and is in the middle of the CCNA Security educational path. Jerzy Kluczewski, long-time instructor of the CISCO CCNA Academy. His authorial achievements already include several books on the Packet Tracer simulator. He gained his experience while working in industry, currently he is a lecturer at the WSB University in Gdańsk. Robert Wszelaki is passionate about networking and programming. He completed a full CISCO CCNA course. He is a graduate of ZS1 in Piekary Śląskie, currently studying computer science at the Faculty of Automatic Control, Electronics and Computer Science of the Silesian University of Technology. Marek Smyczek is an experienced teacher of IT and electrical subjects, and at the same time an instructor of the CISCO CCNA program. He is the author and editor of several dozen publications in the fields of electronics and computer science.Translations: Joanna Margowniczy English teacher at Primary School No. 13 in Jaworzno and ZDZ in Sosnowiec, international IT ESSENTIALS instructor, OKE examiner.
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